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Mind-Body Integration

I have developed Mind-Body Integration, a powerful, eclectic approach to body-work, over 15 years of practice, drawing on many therapies including Shiatsu, Craniosacral work, Zero-balancing & Sherborn Developmental Movement. It is simple, gentle & effective, & values every aspect of an individual, including the presenting problem. Mind-Body integration is a common-sense approach that feels wonderful and works through a quality of touch which listens intently, helping you realise your full potential for health and well-being quickly & enjoyably. Mind-Body Integration helps you understand how you use your body & to develop new efficient patterns of behaviour.

It is useful to know if you are receiving other treatments or medication. Mind-Body Integration helps lower your anxiety & strengthen you immune system & is usually compatible with medical treatment. Work is carried out on a cotton mattress on the floor. Loose, warm clothing is recommended. Lightr, gently contact with both hands allows your body to let go of tension & relax out of structurally dysfunctional patterns, leaving you feeling wonderful. Further gentle moves & rotations allow you to integrate the changes at a deeper level. During a session a person can relax deeply and experience a comforting sense of peace. Sessions last fore one hour, except the first which may last up to 90 minutes, allowing time to note relevant background information & establish a working focus. Work is regularly reviewed to maximise effectiveness & chart your progress. Most people require 2-4 sessions; however many people decide to continue, realizing the benefits this life-changing therapy offers.

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