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Time–honoured medicine for the modern world

COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES aim to make the most of each individuals capacity to improve health and wellbeing.  It takes many different forms.  Some have developed over thousands of years, others have come about thorough modern clinical research and experience.  All hold the principle that your mind and body possesses a self-healing mechanism to attain his or her own optimum state of wellbeing.

To facilitate this this complementary therapist aims to treat the whole person rather than just a set of symptoms.  If you are new to complementary therapies you may be unsure which approach is right for you.  We will arrange for a practitioner to call you back to discuss your needs.  There is no charge for this service and no obligation to take up therapy.   Therapies are conducted in a safe and confidential environment.

It treats the whole person – not just his or her symptoms and has a wide scope of applications.
It aims improve your level of health and wellbeing.
Some therapies have been practised for over 2000 years.  People use them because they work.
Is it safe – Complementary therapy is safe, gentle and highly effective in restoring health and wellbeing.  We work within a safe and confidential environment.
How many sessions will I need? – This depends on many factors – the type of therapy, and the nature of the problem. 
Does treatment conflict with my doctor and current treatment? – No we aim to compliment the medical profession for your wellbeing.
Our therapist are fully qualified, insured and committed to help you experience better health now and in the future.  Our therapists take regular supervision and training to continually update their knowledge and skills.