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Fran Barriball MSTAT


Alexander Technique

Gentle, one-to-one, non-intrusive, hands-on guidance will help you to rediscover your natural poise and balance.  Through simple, everyday movements such as standing, sitting, walking and bending, you will learn when you are using more muscle-tension than needed, how to prevent this, and to move with ease and balance.
People use the Technique to:

Alleviate back pain
Reduce neck and shoulder tension
Overcome breathing and vocal problems
Release anxiety and stress
Improve general functioning and enhance skills.

The natural poise and flexibility of childhood are often compromised by the demands of daily life, adversely affecting the healthy working of our bodies.  The Alexander Technique will help you to establish a beneficial process that will stay with you throughout life. 

Please call or email me if you have any questions or would like to book a session. 

T: 01579 370215
M: 07896 363696
E: fran.barriball@btopenworld.com

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